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Automobile Accidents occur everyday here in Ft. Lauderdale, and unfortunately, they just as often result in injuries. If the injury results in long-lasting severe pain, loss of wages, permanent discomfort, outrageously expensive medical bills, or death, our South Florida personal injury firm strives to find compensation for the victim (or in the case of death, the victim’s family).

If you have been involved in a traffic accident and have been injured, please seek medical attention if you have not already done so. Otherwise, you may be considering speaking to a personal injury lawyer. If you’re not yet ready for a free consultation, we offer many resources on this site to help familiarize you with personal injury law and your legal options. Please browse our blog, or check out these pages for a good place to get started:

Injuries Resulting from Auto Accidents:

  • neck and back
  • brain injuries
  • death

Auto Accidents Resulting in Injuries:

  • Car wrecks
  • Truck crashes
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Accidents involving commercial vehicles

Fort Lauderdale Automobile Injury Lawyers

Our Ft. Lauderdale Personal Injury Firm represents victims suffering from all ranges of injuries resulting from automobile accidents. This includes accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

There are nearly 200,000 reported automobile injuries a year in the State of Florida. These injuries can range from minor neck pain to severe brain damage. Even the most minor injuries, however, can persist as permanent discomfort and pain. If you have been injured in a car accident and think you may be experiencing symptoms of whiplash, or a more serious injury, we urge you to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If there is reason to believe your injuries may result in ongoing pain, or if you can’t afford the treatment, it is advisable to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Here at our Ft. Lauderdale office, we can help you determine if you’re eligible for compensation for any of the following automobile injuries:

  • neck and back injuries
  • whiplash
  • brain injuries
  • burn injuries
  • wrongful death

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